Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arts Fest Tauranga

This past Sunday closed the two week long arts festival held annually in Tauranga City. 

As a new resident to the area, i had no idea that this might mean that walking to work one day i would run into an endless slew of street performers. 
On my way to work i saw a woman dressed head to toe in red, covered in red body paint, a man driving a sink through the street with a woman in a bathtub connected to the back of it, a puppeteer on stilts wielding a young woman acting as puppet, a disco dancing roller skater in a pink afro, a gang of unicyclists, and a gaggle of women on stilts. Keep in mind that i live about three blocks from my place of employment. 

Here are some photos i snapped from the patio at work before we got too busy from lunch:

Mr. and Mrs. Redbox take a break at the bench across from De Bier Haus...

...They share a quick snack...

...And i was really hoping one of them would pull out a cigarette, but alas, the ultimate photo op was lost.

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